C & A Landscapes are committed to environmental sustainability and wherever possible we will use recycled materials. We are always looking to reduce our carbon footprint and that of our clients.

Environment & SustainabilityEnvironment & SustainabilityEnvironment & Sustainability

Green Waste

All green waste is recycled. Green waste is returned from over 200 sites across the SouthEast and is stored at our yard for up to 6 months. This waste is then shredded into a composting area and retained for 4 months. The shredded waste is turned regularly to encourage the composting process. After 4 months this material is screened to remove all large parts, leaving compost which, is used as a mulch or as a general soil improver.

Biodegradable Chemicals

We have undertaken to limit the use of chemicals. Glysophate is only used which isbiodegradable. Records of chemical application are monitored with the aim to reduce usage still further year on year.


All compost used for planting or landscaping is peat free. We use a supplier that usesonly recycled soils, which is manufactured to provide the requirements for planting and seeding, etc.

Fleet Monitoring System

During 2011 we set up a monitoring system to look at our fleet mileage. Our aim is toreduce the fleet mileage by planning work effectively with each Team Leaders and Managers. We are able to access other aspects of driving including the speed at which staff travel. Reducing speed can reduce the fuel used.


We encourage electronic communication and recycling.